Learn These Common Winter Hair Mistakes And Fix Them NOW

The winter is harsh on the body, and many people don’t think about the toll it takes on your hair.  Brittle ends, limp hair, and more come for your hair during the winter.  All of these make your hair harder to manage during the winter but you can learn how to combat them.  Here are some tips from the best hair salon in Ottawa.

The Curse Of Wet Hair

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Wet hair needs to be dry before leaving your house.  Going outside with wet hair alone can make your hair stiff.  If you go to put that hat on, or wrap your scarf around it before it is dry, you are likely to have problems controlling it later.  This will also help you to stay warmer.

Squeeze your hair dry with your towel and use a diffuser to finish the job.

Control The Washing

People consider summer the time of enjoying the water but that isn’t true when it comes to hair.  A lot of people love to wash their hair during the winter, often times too much.  Limiting your hair washing to around twice a week will help you to control the brittleness to the perfect amount.

Every person is different and you might have to find your perfect mix.

Don’t Stop The Trims

Winter is a time to stay warm but that doesn’t mean you should stop trimming your hair.  Having a routine trim during the winter will help to keep your hair healthy, no matter what else you do.  The best hair salons in Ottawa recommend that you get a trim every six to eight weeks.

Wear The Right Fabrics

Picking your winter fabrics can help you to have better hair during the winter.  While they may be warmer, heavier fabrics will be rougher on your hair.  Fabrics such as wool should be avoided for use as a hat or scarf.

Take these tips from the best hair salons in Ottawa and embrace some of the best winter hair that you have ever had.  These are the tips that the experts live by and now you can use them too.

You Will Love These 2017 Hair Styles

2017 is a new year with a lot of speculation of what it will bring. With the new year, you probably want a new appearance, that means new hair styles. Hair salons in Guelph have found some of the hair styles that we expect will trend during the 2017 year.

Hair Salons Guelph
Hair Salons Guelph

Long Half Wave

For long hair in 2017, we think that you will like to have a half straight, half wave style. Part your hair and then straighten it to where you want the curl to begin. Using the curler of your choice, start halfway down your hair and curl your hair. This will leave you with very stylish long hair. Be sure to use a protectant for heat like Redken’s Hot Sets before using any thermal styling tool.

High Pony Tail

Near the end of 2016, the high ponytail started to come back into popularity. Start by straightening your hair. Take your hair up to the top of your head and create a ponytail. This creates a very natural look but also one that is stylish.

80’s Short Hair

The classic 80’s short haircut is already showing signs of coming back. The hair comes down to the jaw line and it gets longer as it continues to the front of the head. The bangs come just short of touching your eyebrows.

Messy Surfer

This hairstyle is very easy to achieve when the hair is layered. Take your hair and fuss it around. You should come out looking like a surfer with your hair going in ways that it doesn’t normally. This hairstyle looks best with shoulder length hair but can also be used with shorter lengths. Products like Mess Around from Redken can help support this look.

The Ballerina Bun

Capturing your hair in a ballerina bun has been seen worn by multiple celebrities so far in 2017. Take a high and low ponytail and wrap them around each other to become a bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins. For extra control, use a small amount of Redken’s Mess Around before starting on the doo.

Belted Pony Tail

Celebrities have brought on this very childlike hair into style. Take your hair and make a ponytail. Instead of using a hair band, use a belt to keep it in place. Having your hair straightened beforehand may make it easier to execute this sleek look.